Rare Book Studio


Digitisation of Old & Rare Books, Manuscripts: We usher in a new life into these books and manuscripts – which are otherwise lost and far removed from the discerning reader’s eyes. We have sophisticated & modern equipment for contactless digitisation of sensitive, brittle, almost decomposed paper/papyrus/palm-leaf artefacts such as very old and rare books and manuscripts. After digitisation, each page is painstakingly refined through several steps of digital cleaning, resurrecting damages from fungus/worms/ humidity/water/rust/gum/dirt, deskewing, colour/ink density balance adjustment, file size optimisation etc., – finally resulting into immaculate, perfectly readable ebooks. Also, these can be re-published in the form of freshly-printed paper books – on best quality paper and bound with love.

Mass digitisation of old archives: Over the years, massive volume of paper documents accumulate and remain archived in various Gov’t or Private Offices, Banks, Insurance Companies, Courts of Law, Universities, Colleges, Hospitals, Public Libraries, etc. It becomes a terrible time-consuming exercise to search and locate anything in such an ocean of paper archives, causing sizeable losses in manpower efficiency and revenue. We continue to serve all organizations by taking up challenging mass-digitisation exercises of large document archives. While digitising is just the starting point, we walk the last mile to create a fast, convenient full-text searchable & keyword-indexed Document Management Portal to ensure the electronic form of every piece of paper is just a click away. Such exercises have several short-and long-term benefits – e.g., usability benefits, operational cost benefits, virtually everlasting life of digital documents, significant carbon footprint reduction, etc.

Experience, professionalism, personal attention and novelty are JIPL’s potentials. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our presentation and services. Our charges are competitive and reasonable. For us, a long term strategic relationships with you is way more valuable than a single good deal.


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